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DCC-GROUP | Cleaning

Truly clean


We clean and disinfect your installations according to strict standards, including

  • induction units
  • evaporators / cooling units
  • water-cooled or air-cooled condensers (we apply our special coating to slats for maximum lifetime)
  • extraction and supply systems (removal of grease and dust)
  • air handling units
  • cooling installations for shops and stores

Cleaning by DCC-GROUP means ...

  • thoroughly work
  • conform HACCP and BRC
  • obviously sustainable work

Preventing unhealthy and hazardous situations are the most important reasons to have your cooling, heat and / or climate installations cleaned and disinfected. We will do this thoroughly. With the use of professional equipment. And always according to the strict standards of international laws and regulations, such as HACCP and BRC.

Our cleaning products are 100% biodegradable. Better for the environment, better for our people and of course … better for your people!